Sleepless nights 

Hi gorgeous 

Sleepless nights come from: 

Obsessing, worries, thinking, fearnot feeling safe…

Here is an EFT Tapping round for a good night’s sleep:

The truth statement 

Even though I just know that I’m not going to sleep

I deeply love an accept myself

I’m an amazing woman with a little problem

I just know that I’m not going to sleep                      

My growing to do list is bothering me so much

All those have do’s                                             

All those shoulds

I’m in such a worried state of mind                         

I’m so scared not getting enough rest tonight

This worry discomfort in my body

This doing, doing, doing, and worry,worry, worry

The positive round: 

I’m open to have a surprisingly good night’s sleep anyway

I allow my body to unwind 

I let go of not having done enough 

I’m worth the time to sleep

I’m in the process of changing this pattern    

I’m unwinding a lot of tension right now

I activate my body’s ability to sleep well  

My body knows how to sleep

I let go of all my tension right now                           

I let go of all my worries right now

I let go of my to do list right now                              

I let go of all my fears right now

I have done all I could today                         

am enough

I do enough                                                               

I choose to calm down and trust right now

Hope that helps a bit



Drink me, I’ll make you happy!

our bodies and souls don’t need a drink. yoga is enough to calm down :o)

I’m not quite sure what’s happened to yoga right now but its freaking me out! I just finished reading an article on how TY KU Sake is introducing its new brand of wonderful to the yoga world. That’s right folks apparently yogis need sake! It’s better for you than wine and lord knows we need to have fun and relax after a yoga class because let’s face it, yoga is stressful! And isn’t it swell that Yoga Journal and Wanderlust plus yoga studios throughout the continental U.S.A are not only promoting but 100% behind this new form of recreation.  Yesterday the following ad was circulated around facebook and the yoga community went crazy. Needless to say 12 hours later Yoga Journal pulled the ad. But you can still see it here!

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 1.21.57 PM

What the F…ck! I realise the sale of booze makes money but really yoga and alcohol? Shame on you…

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-trigger city Facebook-

Hi dearest 

Here is a text for feeling triggered by Facebook you can do with EFT (emotional freedom technique) 💙

I’m triggered by Facebook again 

It looks like that everybody is happy 

All those shiny pictures 

The grass must be really greener on the other side

Whereas my grass looks rather brownish

I’m comparing myself to others again 

I feel desperate over this

They have more than I 

They have more likes than me 

They are more liked than me

Some of them have so many likes 

They are more blessed than I 

I’m triggered by Facebook again 

I’m jealous of their happiness 

I’m jealous of their success 

They must be better off

I want what they have 

Their grass is obviously greener than mine
But I also know that reality looks different 

I’m willing to face the truth 

I’m willing to surrender to the fact that this is not really 

I’m open for the truth 

I’m grateful for all that I have

I see that I have choices 

I want what I have 

I’m happy at times too

Nobody has a Facebook life 

We all have to face difficult times

We all have wonderful times 

We all struggle at times

Miracles are coming my way 

I’m already blessed 

I’ll see my blessings today 

I will enjoy this beautiful day 

I have enough for today 

Love 💙 lisa

-panic is my middle name-

hi dearest 

panic is my middle name. I panic over the future, I panic over what other people might think, I panic over my health, my strengths and I panic some more…panicking is a learned behavior, a leftover from childhood. what can I do instead of panicking? 

– I can trust in a bigger plan

– I can reach out to a trusted friend 

– I can pray

– I can listen to my feelings and take     appropriate actions

– I can take a break 

– I can meditate 

– I can do EFT tapping 

today I know that I have choices 

enjoy this beautiful day 💙


#choices #panic

-trust fills every cell of my body-

Precious Lord of the universe 

Just now I open my heart 

To know you and trust you 

Just now I open my mind 

To know you and trust you 

I embrace trust 

Just now in this moment 

Trust fills my body 

Trust fills my mind

Trust fills every cell in my body 

Trust fills every muscle in my body 

Trust fills every atom of my body 

Trust is moving through the fluids of my body 

Trust is in my bones

I trust 

Iyanla Vanzant

-this train is going to crash into a wall… fast-

hi dearest 

I’ve had the opportunity to work in an addiction treatment center for an in-house stay. Means I’ve been living with this person for a while. This person was pushed into the treatment center by her mother. One can only imagine how much willingness was there-none at all. 

the good thing was that I realized pretty fast “that this train is going to crash into a wall very fast”. And what I also knew was that I have to jump off this train emotionally in order to not crash into this wall too. 

what was left for me was to just be there for this person when she did ask for help and to give her a sense of safety while she had to sit through her time. 

that’s all we can do when there is no willingness. Forcing solution won’t work, preaching is very counterproductive and leaves you empty and exhausted. 

So I put this person in my Higher Power’s hands and let go. 

Have a lovely day